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Unforgotten 2

Series two of ‘Unforgotten’ will once again explore the fallout from, and the investigation in to, an historic murder case. It will continue to explore some of the themes interrogated in series one, but the primary theme of this series, will be our society’s relationship with “evil”.

It starts once more with the discovery of a body. This time dated to the 1990s . Once again, even as Cassie and Sunny begin the complicated task of trying to identify the victim, we will start to meet four unconnected antagonists, who we must suspect had something to do with this man’s death.


Press - Reviews

the Times - Andrew Billen (jan 20th)

"Unforgotten is the first standout drama of the year...Some very assured writing here from Chris Lang."

the Times - Andrew Billen (jan 6th)

"This is proper thought-through writing in which character, plot and meaning are all in play. It feels fresh."

Telegraph - Gerard O'Donovan(jan 6th)

"Anyone who watched the first series of Chris Lang’s drama last year knows the impressive method by which he peels away layer after layer of seemingly random events before bringing them powerfully into common focus at the close. It is down to the quality of his writing that Unforgotten cannot be labelled as simply a cold case drama...another quietly nail-biting series."

Guardian - Sam Wollaston (Jan 6th)

"What I like so much about Unforgotten. That it is not trying to be too smartarse (Sherlock?) clever. OrScandi-bleak. Cassie and Sunny aren’t tortured geniuses with dark secrets. They are credible, real and, refreshingly, they are really into what they do; it rubs off... I am excited to find out how it all weaves together, to see the completed picture. I also care."

Daily Mail - Christopher Stevens (Jan 6th)

"Unforgotten is an exhilarating mental workout... This show requires effort, but it rewards us for it."

Telegraph - Ben Lawrence (2nd February)

"… the detective drama of the decade.  With an almost Dickensian eye for the state of nation, Lang weaves together a large cast of characters...I hope that Unforgotten will start a new trend in TV drama - one that puts character first, unpeels intelligent layers of plotting, and remains resolutely resistant to extreme personality traits."

The Telegraph - Gabriel Tate (10th Feb)

“This superlative six-parter was straightforward drama where the protagonists were people first, cops and criminals a distant second. Having built a labyrinth over five episodes, creator Chris Lang spent last night meticulously writing his way out of it towards a bold climax. The results were first-rate.”

"It’s rare to find such a plot moving so satisfyingly to its conclusion, with every nuance counting and every actor getting their moment...the perfect ending."


“Perfectly realised… beguiling, nasty, utterly credible as life in Britain today.”

The Arts Desk - Adam Sweeting (10th Feb)

"a finale that lived up to all that had gone before."

The Guardian - James Donaghy (10th Feb)

"What a brave close to this heartbreaking tale of abuse, crime and punishment... Unforgotten’s first run was a tough act to follow, but they have easily surpassed it."

Times T2 - Andrew Billen (10th Feb)

"The moral of this grown-up, intelligent piece was that the past can neither be forgiven nor forgotten..."

"The only other questions was this. Among so many top-class actors whom did we love more; the superb Nicola Walker as the empathetic yet never overemotional Stuart or the delightful Sanjeev Bhaskar as Khan, wise, wry but at sea when dealing with his teenage children?"

Huffington Post - Caroline Frost (10th Feb)

"Unforgotten concluded with an ending that was satisfying, complicated and surprisingly moving... Lots more where this came from, please."


Metro - Keith Watson (9th Feb)

"Is it too early to call Drama of the Year? At the very least the wonderful Nicola Walker deserves a hatful of awards for her understated turn as DCI Cassie Stuart."

TV Times - Caren Clarke (26th Jan )

"Love the way that, once again, this classy thriller is brilliantly and realistically complex without being deliberately over-complicated."

"The Guardian, Guide (Jan 7th)

"The Scandi-style opening credits here aren't misleading. Writer Chris Lang's thoroughly involving Unforgotten is a police procedural that dole out its revelations with a care recalling The Killing (series one vintage ).

The Times - David Chater (Jan 7th)

‎"What makes it so watchable are the characters' back stories, the uniform strength of the acting, the detailed police procedure and the restrained, unhistrionic partnership of the two detectives."

Media Guardian - Mark Lawson (Jan 4th)

"It’s a tribute to the talents of Walker and Bhaskar that they create interesting differentiation from the millions of TV cops before and alongside them...   This is crime drama of the highest class."

Radio Times - Alison Graham (31st Dec)

"What a welcome return for Chris Lang's thoroughly absorbing crime drama, with a fresh mystery and a new cast of suspects."

Telegraph Review - Gerard O'Donovan (31st Dec)

"It's a terrific cast, and that none are as starry as the heavyweight line-up in last year's debut series makes it feel a lot more real and, ultimately, more engaging."

Sunday Mirror, Notebook (Jan 1st)

"Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar return as the brilliant yet unshowy cop double-act of Cassie and Sunny."

Heat - Boyd Hilton (6th Jan)

"The first series of this whodunit was one of ITV's best series of last year...Now it's back with a new historic murder case for the uncannily believable detectives played by Nicola Walker and Sanjeev Bhaskar."