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I Want My Wife Back

I Want My Wife Back is a six part comedy drama written by Mark Bussell and Justin Sbresni (The Worst Week of My Life) was made by Mainstreet Pictures & Busby Productions for the BBC. Murray (Ben Miller) is the nicest guy you could meet. He’s a devoted husband; he works hard and is a loyal friend and colleague. Although he doesn’t always get it right.

As we meet him Murray has arranged a surprise 40th birthday party that evening for his beloved wife Bex (Caroline Catz) All their friends and family will be there and he’s trying to make the final arrangements. When calling Bex’s sister Keeley to arrange the birthday cake, she accidentally blurts out that Bex is leaving him. She’s fed up with him never being around. Murray is stunned. Leaving him?!

Devastated by Bex decision, Murray begins his quest to get her back. Murray is helped (and sometimes hindered) in his quest by Bex’s parents, Don and Paula, who adore Murray and are eager to help in any way they can to reunite him with their daughter, whom they believe has completely lost her marbles by leaving him; his best friend Grant who really can’t see what all the fuss is about; Keeley who blames herself for everything (she always does); and by his work colleagues – Curtis, Emma and Nereesha– whose own agendas invariably complicate things. For Murray and Bex it becomes a journey of self-discovery that is painful, moving and funny.